Calendars – Business Promotion or Fund-raising Tool

Choose from our fantastic range of generic calendars, for quantities as little as 50 at an extremely competitive price

Tent Desk Top Calendars

   To keep the cost of customisation down, you can simply insert Your Logo into one of our generic layouts (below)

2 Months per view Wall Calendars

 1 Month per view Wall Calendars

Personalized Calendars

Limited Edition Calendar 

13 Leaf Desk Top Calendars

Inspirational Calendars

LEAD TIMES: Delivery will generally be 8 weeks from approval of finished artwork. Late orders received in October/November, will in most cases still be supplied prior to Christmas, but you need to check this at the time of ordering as it depends on demand at this time of the year. Rush or urgent orders can usually be accommodated.

You cannot mix and match photographic images from one calendar to another. (What you see is what you get)


If you order from our generic range (whether you supplied finished artwork or once we have completed artwork and layouts) we will fax or email an artwork approval form for your approval.We will not proceed to overprint your calendars unless we have received an artwork approval form signed off by you.


You can either supply-finished artwork to our specifications or you can simply provide the information and graphics (if any).Logos and any graphics supplied should be to our specifications. If you cannot supply these to our specifications you will be charged an additional fee to redraw these to the required specs.All logo’s and graphics need to be supplied as PDF,jpeg, or tif files at 300 dpi or higher at actual size. If you require clarification of this you can email our graphic arts department for help.


The amount of information contained in their message is best kept to a minimum but is limited only by the available space. Normally a business would include the following information:

Business Name

Address, Telephone, Fax, Email or Web Address

Product description or marketing message

Overprint colours

We can overprint Your company message and logo in choice of 1 colour black, or 1, 2 or 3 colours, or 4-colour process (Full colour). You must specify how many colours you require in your overprint message and you must specify pms (pantone matching system) colour numbers. If you cannot provide pms colour numbers a colour sample can be submitted and colours will be matched within normal commercial tolerance but will not be exact.

Understanding Printing Plates & Costs

Every colour in your artwork requires a separate plate to be made. 1 colour = 1plate, 2 colours = 2 plates, 3 colours = 3 plates, 4 or more colours = 4 plates (4 colour process). If you choose 2 ‘types’ of calendars you will require twice as many plates. Even though your artwork maybe the same, each ‘type’ of calendar requires it’s own set of plates. If you have 3 ‘types’ you will require 3 sets etc.If you want to keep the cost down it is best to choose 1 ‘type’ of calendar only.

What if you have multiple branches?

If you wishe to advertise several different branch addresses independent of each other then it is best (and cheapest) to keep any changes to the overprint message to a single colour.

Standard price list unit costs include printing your logo or message in 1 colour black.

SE12 limited edition is overprinted in 1 colour Gold only.

You cannot have different logos or messages overprinted on different pages of the same calendar. Each page must carry an identical logo and or message.