Special Introductory Price $159.00

One of the most impressive finishing touches you can give any document is to emboss it with a seal.

Our embossing device is used to place the correct amount of pressure evenly over the embossing seal to ensure a perfect imprint each time.




Maximum Emboss Area: 38 mm diameter circle. Maximum Paper: approx. 150 gsm.

Gold Foil Notarial and Certificate Seals
Adds elegance to any document when used with your raised, embossed notarial seal.
$10/10 per Pack
$16/20 per Pack
$26/40 per Pack
$40/80 per Pack
Our Gold Foil Embossing Labels add an elegant touch to stationery and books, and official prestige to documents.The labels are produced from heavyweight gold foil stock, with a rich, lustrous finish. They provide an eye-catching high-relief embossed image every time. Each serrated label is over 49mm in diameter, with ample room for embossing circular seals, rectangular addresses or monogram designs. These labels will adhere to most paper products.

In order to produce embossing plates you will need:

1. supply hand drawn sketch & we will create artwork from it


2. supply B/W artwork ready PDF file (as  samples below, DIA 38mm)

sample 1

sample 2

Basic typesetting included.

Symbols / Logos at extra cost.

All prices GST & postage not included.

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