Custom brand your unique promotional giveaway and engage your audience with our promotional EVA Foam 3D Puzzle Cube.


Everyone from 5 to 105 loves these lightweight, fun puzzles.

Great for Tradeshows, Mailings, Employee or Educational Programs and Events of all kinds.

Puzzle Cube – sent a promotional mailer fun puzzle printed with 6 imprintable areas for the price of one, it will maximize your message and your budget..
This soft foam puzzle ships flat and makes a 3-dimensional 40 or 80 mm cube.

Minimum Order 250

High Quality Promotional 3D Puzzle Cube Samples

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Material: EVA foam, standard single side printed, ships flat (120mm x 90mm x 8 mm or 250 x 170 x 6 mm)


What’s the missing piece in potential customers’ lives? Your company !

This unique printable puzzle features an eye-catching design that will get your message noticed.
The unusual jigsaw puzzle style offers limitless promotional possibilities and adds interest to your message.


Foam Puzzle Cube Case Study Example:
Client: Health Care Provider
Objective: Educate About Benefit Options & Build Client Loyalty
Target Audience: Employees of Group Clients
When & Where Used: Semi-Annual Open Enrollment Visits

This insurance company hands out puzzle cubes to employees during these meetings, which take place once or twice every year for most employers.
Imprinted on each of the six pieces are different insurance plans the employees can choose from, along with the message “Your Family’s Health Care Solutions.”
This helps to reinforce the different options during the meetings.
The company uses a variety of colors and skill levels, which adds challenge and fun to the learning process, while building awareness and loyalty among the employees and decision makers.

Fun Promotional Items – Foam Cube Puzzle
If you’re looking for unique and fun promotional items, look no further than these super cool foam puzzles. This custom foam puzzle is absolutely impossible to resist.

Loaded with appeal and appropriate for kids and adults alike, this logo puzzle is guaranteed to please. You’ve cracked the code to the perfect logo giveaway when you make foam puzzles like these !

Customized jigsaw puzzles are a beloved pastime. Whose grandparents didn’t indulge in these games? And, actually, when composed of your colorful logo, these advertising foam cubes provide the visual repetition prospects need to integrate your brand into their memory. Start putting all the pieces together for your next event with fun promotional items like these awesome foam puzzles. This logo puzzle is no ordinary giveaway – it has staying power like you wouldn’t believe. Versatile and innovative, this custom foam puzzle is sure to draw some attention.

Racking your brain and terrorizing your marketing department for an entertaining promotional product that needs no explanation? We’ve got your answer: customized jigsaw puzzles. Let’s say you’re able to resist all the wonderfully corny metaphors personalized logo puzzles offer, such as solving your marketing problems and putting together your company’s pieces. Beyond that, custom cube puzzles are a tried and true product.

And if you can entertain your prospects, you not only have their attention, you have their approval! Who would have even thought of an advertising foam cube? It’s these kinds of odd, playful and MEMORABLE promo products, beyond our personalized logo puzzle, we live to discover. Contact us today to learn more about our best foam puzzle and how foam can work for you!