How To Apply

How to apply Computer Cut Lettering and Graphics

(Remember that temperature must be above 15 oC)

Installing vinyl graphics is a simple follow-the-steps process.

Although it takes very little time, it is not something to rush.

lean surface with alcohol. If  the surface is not glass or factory paint, test surface to see if alcohol will harm it. If the surface has wax on it, make sure all wax is removed.

Place image on surface and tape with 2 small pieces of masking tape on top edge. Make sure that the lettering is not kinked and lays flat on the surface.

Apply a single horizontal  strip  of approx. 5cm masking tape to the top of the graphic. This strip will be used as a hinge that will insure the graphic does not move during the application process

Peel backing paper away from lettering If the image is large, ask a friend to hold a corner.

CAUTION:Do not let the exposed graphic touch the intended surface. The back of the graphic is very tacky and will tightly adhere to the surface. If the placement is not correct, removing the graphic for re-placement will be very difficult or impossible without causing damage to the vinyl.

Hold lettering away from surface while squeegeeing it on with 4cm strokes. Using firm squeegee pressure, begin at top center and work down and outward to edge of lettering. Do not allow lettering to touch surface until squeegee forces it down. This will prevent wrinkles and keep bubbles to a minimum.

Peel back application tape. To prevent delamination, peel tape at 180 degrees, pulling it back on itself. Pop any bubbles with a pin or sharp  razor blade and press out air. Finally, place backing paper over image and squeegee with firm pressure. Backing paper will prevent damage and streaking.


Large images can be cut into strips.
If there are no horizontal lines, you can cut the lettering into easy to handle strips. Of course, this should be done after the top is taped.