Plastic Glassware


Promotional Plastic Glassware Custom Imprinted with Your Logo

Large selection of Plastic Promotional Printed Glassware including Shot Glasses, Champagne Flutes, Beer Glasses, Wine Glasses Tumblers.

Plastic Personalized Glasses is great for memorizing that special family occasion as birthdays, engagements, graduations, anniversaries, weddings and many more..

Perfect promotional item for any business, restaurants, charitable organizations and for trade shows.

  • • Virtually indestructible, no more chipping or cracking, saving big $$$ on breakages.
  • • Safe – perfect for high risk areas i.e. pools, nightclubs, outdoor venues etc.
  • • Professional – A Crystal look a like that’s impervious to odour.

Whether you’re catering a special occasion, having an important function or you’ve just decided that you don’t want the worry and expense of glass products, we have the solution – The polycarbonate reusable alternative.

Minimum order: 50

ABCPT-220ml Plastic Tester Glass

ABCP-170ml Plastic Champagne

ABCPW-200ml Plastic Wine Glass

ABCPF-200ml Plastic Wine/Flute Glass

Printed Plastic Tester Glass Melbourne

Printed Plastic Champagne Sydney

Printed Plastic Wine Glass Adelaide

Printed Plastic Wine/Flute Glass Perth

ABCP-250ml Plastic Whisky Glass

ABCPR-230ml Plastic Whisky Glass

ABCPS-560ml Plastic Stein

ABCP-1140ml Plastic Beer Jug

Printed Plastic Whisky Glass Brisbane

Printed Plastic Whisky Glass Hobart

Printed Plastic Stein Adelaide

Printed Plastic Beer Jug Canberra

ABCP-30ml Plastic Shot Glass

ABCP-55ml Plastic Shot Glass

ABCP-285ml Plastic Beer Pot

ABCPS-500ml Plastic Stein

Printed Plastic Shot Glass Dandenong

Printed Plastic Shot Glass Australia

Printed Plastic Beer Pot Melbourne

Printed Plastic Stein Sydney

ABCP-425ml Plastic Beer Pot

ABCPM-350ml Plastic Stein

Printed Plastic Beer Pot Perth

Printed Plastic Stein Sydney

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