Artwork Requirements

Print Ready Artwork Requirements

Please supply art files in one of those PC formats:

1. Corel Draw (CDR) file preferred (all text must be converted to outlines / curves first)
2. EPS, PDF prepress  (all text must be converted to outlines / curves first)
3. AI v.3  file (all text must be converted to outlines / curves first)

NOTE: No PhotoShop or PhotoPaint files to be emailed.

Technical Information Artwork Sample Layout
Text:  converted to curves / outlines.
Paths: converted to curves / outlines.
Colour mode: must be CMYK (not RGB)

Colours: if your artwork contains lots of different colours (including shades of colours) use CMYK colours.

Trim Marks: all print ready artworks must have trim marks.

Vector Graphic Files vector-based images can be scaled by any amount without degrading quality. Usually supplied in EPS, PDF, AI or CDR formats.

Resolution: colour & greyscale raster images (pixel-based/scans) should be 300dpi,(350dpi maximum). All non-vector images (e.g. photos) should be converted to bitmaps at 100% scaling and 300dpi resolution. This means a photo you want to appear on your finished printing must be set to the exact same size inside your document – and have a resolution of 300dpi.

Resolution: mono raster (bitmaps) should be 1200dpi maximum.

Bleed: 5 mm external bleed – anything that touches a trim edge must be extended 5 mm past it.

Bleed: 3 mm internal bleed or type area – we recommend you keep all important information al least 3 mm in from the trim.

Borders: we recommend not using borders less than 3 mm wide on the trim edges.

Layout: use separate (single) files for each side of each job (eg. 2 sides = 2PDFs: 1up front and 1up back)

Black: avoid four colour blacks in vector files – but do add 30 to 50% Cyan to 100% Black for a deep black.

Email: final email with attachment must be less than 2Mb. Larger files should be sent on CD.

If there are only 3 or less colours use Pantone Spot colours (Pantone CVC if possible). The same file should be supplied as an additional .

Pdf file for visual proofing (objects and type can sometimes change appearance once opened with different software).  If possible, please supply vectorised graphics, they are more easily prepared for print.

Colour Matching

Due to variables involved in the printing processes, inaccuracies caused by inconsistent viewing conditions, colour perception and many other variables, matching PMS colours, supplied samples or full colour proofs is not guaranteed and a reasonable variation between these and the completed job is to be expected. When a variation of this kind occurs, it will be considered acceptable performance.